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Iraq Tour 2024


Iraq Tour 2024

10 Days

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11 Oct

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Holy City Of Iraq

Iraq is home to five holy cities of Islam, Muslims around the world every year visit these holy cities. Wish tours provide complete package along with tour guide to understand historical and religious importance of these holy cities. Visit Iraq


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Places To Visit In Iraq


Pilgrimage sites

Baghdad and Madain are very close to Kadhmayn.

Pilgrimage sites


Pilgrimage sites


Pilgrimage sites


Pilgrimage sites

This mosque is between Kufa and Najaf. The significance of this mosque is that when Imam Hasan [a] and Imam Husayn [a] were carrying the janaza of Imam Ali [a] from Kufa to Najaf, they passed near this mosque, and as they were passing, the pillars of the mosque inclined towards Imam Ali [a] as if paying its last respects. It is also believed that some of the skin from Imam Husayn [a]’s head (that came off when Khul Mal’un was disrespecting the head of Imam Husayn [a] with a knife) is buried here.


Pilgrimage sites


Pilgrimage sites

Note: On 26th March 1934, King Faisal I of Iraq supervised the transfer of the remains of Hudhaifa al-Yamani and Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, the two trusted companions of the Holy Prophet [s] from their resting places in Madain which were endangered with water from River Tigris to a new site at Salman Pak near the resting place of Salman Farsi.

Historic site

Tak-e-Kisra, the palace of Nausherwan – part of ancient Babylonian civilization. When the Holy Prophet [s] was born in Makkah, this huge edifice is said to have developed cracks on its walls.



This place is on the way to Kadhmayn while going from Karbala.

Pilgrimage sites

Mausoleum of the two sons of Muslim ibn Aqil [a]:-

They are also known as Tiflan-e-Muslim.



Samarra is closer (and therefore easier to go to) from Kadhmayn than it is from Karbala.

Pilgrimage sites

Mausoleum of 10th and 11th Imams, Imam Ali al-Naqi and Imam Hasan al-Askari, peace be upon them

The main darih has four graves:

Masjid Jamia

Historic sites

Mosque built during the time of Mutawakkil – at one time the largest mosque in the world.



This place lies between Kadhmayn and Samarra. One can visit it on the way to Samarra or while returning to Kadhmayn.

Pilgrimage sites

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